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About Us

The Device Depot was founded in 2020 to give consumers the option of buying a new device or saving money and buying a certified pre-owned device! We are located in Northwest Arkansas and take pride in offering the highest quality products, great customer service, and a variety of flexible payment plan options!

Our Mission:

We want to give customers the option to own their devices outright. Companies like At&t, Verizon, T-Mobile offer "great deals" but when you pay them over 36 month contracts the deal isn't as great as it may seam upfront.

We understand spending up to $1000 on a new electronic can be difficult.. Thats why we have partnered with incredible finance companies including; Affirm, Katapult, Acima, and PayTomorrow! Payment plans vary from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the finance company. You can learn more by clicking here: MORE DETAILS

Don't get tied down to a long contract and try to buy your next device outright!

Our Prices:

The price you see is the price you pay at checkout before shipping. As a small business we do not have to charge sales tax unless you are in the state of Arkansas. 

This allows us to offer items with instant SAVINGS of up to 10% depending on your state! Example below:

Big Box Store: $800 + $80 tax = $880 Total

Our Price: $800 + $0 tax = $800 Total

Thats a saving of up to 10% depending on what your state would normally charge in sales tax.

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- New & Certified Pre-Owned Devices

- 180 Day Warranty

- 14 Day Returns

- 30+ Point Inspection

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