About Us

Our Story

The Device Depot was created in order to give consumers an alternative to buying a "NEW" iPhone with a less expensive "USED" option. Why would anyone want a used iPhone? For the same reason a consumer wants a used car, TO SAVE MONEY! Not everyone needs the latest and greatest. We at The Device Depot have realized the demand for "Pre-Owned" and are here to help consumers SAVE MONEY!

Why Shop With The Device Depot?

Our Quality - each device goes through a 73 point inspection and includes a 90 Day Warranty.

Our Returns - all purchases are protected by a hassle free 14-Day Return period. (Subject to 10% re-stocking fee)

Electronic Waste - a growing issue around the globe. Every-time someone buys a new device the old one is thrown in the trash or shoved in drawer. Buy pre-owned and help reduce e-waste!