Our Mission:

We want to give customers the option to own their devices outright. Companies like At&t, Verizon, T-Mobile offer "great deals" but when you pay them over 24 or 36 month contracts the deal isn't as great as it may seam upfront.

We understand spending $600 on a phone can be difficult but thats why we offer incredible financing options through Affirm Financing. Affirm payment plans range from 3, 6, 12 Months and you can learn more by clicking here: MORE DETAILS

Don't get tied down to a long contract and try to buy your next device outright!

About Us:

The Device Depot was founded in 2020 to give consumers an alternative to buying a "New" iPhone and also slow down an ever growing problem, e-waste! We know that not everyone needs the latest and greatest and you can save money and reduce e-waste by buying a gently used device instead of new! We were founded in the great city of Fayetteville, Arkansas and pride ourselves in quality, customer service, and low prices!

Our Process:

Shop The Device Depot

- Certified Pre-Owned Devices

- 14-Day Returns

- 90 Day Warranty

- Reduce E-waste when you buy used instead of new!